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Sylvera is a technology startup that uses lidar scanners to measure biomass on a large scale, with a particular focus on tropical rainforests. The company has already scanned over 16 million trees in Gabon and Peru and plans to expand this dataset with further research trips. Sylvera's primary service is providing reliable and unbiased carbon data to private organizations and governments. These entities, which include corporate buyers, banks, asset managers, insurers, trading firms, consultancies, and governments, use this data to invest in genuine climate action.

Unlike many other companies in the carbon market, Sylvera does not sell carbon credits nor is it paid by developers to rate projects. Instead, it makes money by selling access to its proprietary carbon data, which is developed in-house and peer-reviewed. This data helps clients develop diversified carbon credit strategies and identify emerging investment opportunities.

Sylvera's data is unique in its accuracy. The company claims its estimates of the above-ground biomass and carbon stored in forests are up to 13 times more accurate than conventional estimates. This is achieved by using advanced machine learning models trained on their unique dataset to estimate carbon stocks from space in near real-time.

In summary, Sylvera operates in the carbon market, serving clients who need accurate carbon data to make informed investment decisions. Its business model revolves around selling access to its proprietary, highly accurate carbon data.

Keywords: Lidar Scanners, Biomass Measurement, Carbon Data, Climate Action, Corporate Buyers, Asset Managers, Machine Learning, Carbon Market, Proprietary Data, Investment Decisions.

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