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Sunfire is a startup that operates in the renewable energy sector, with a mission to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources. The company's primary focus is on transforming renewable electricity and captured CO2 into renewable gases and liquids, thereby empowering industries to transition towards more sustainable practices.

Sunfire's primary offerings are its electrolyzers, which produce renewable hydrogen and syngas (a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide) from renewable electricity, water steam, and captured CO2. These electrolyzers are designed to help energy-intensive industries and businesses that are conscious of their environmental impact to decarbonize their value chains. This includes everything from logistics and material inputs to energy supply.

The company's Sunfire-HyLink electrolyzers produce renewable hydrogen, which is used as a feedstock and energy carrier to decarbonize industries, as well as the energy and mobility sector. On the other hand, Sunfire-SynLink electrolyzers produce renewable syngas, which is used as a feed gas for different hydrocarbon products such as e-Fuel and chemicals.

Sunfire's electrolyzers are based on Alkaline and Solid Oxide (SOEC) technologies, which are optimal for all hydrogen and syngas applications. High-temperature SOEC electrolyzers are preferred for industrial applications when steam (and CO2) is available, while Sunfire's ultra-reliable pressurized Alkaline electrolyzers are a cost-effective solution for hydrogen production in applications with limited or no steam availability.

In terms of its business model, Sunfire makes money by selling its electrolyzers to industries and businesses looking to transition to renewable energy sources.

Keywords: Renewable Energy, Electrolyzers, Hydrogen Production, Syngas Production, Decarbonization, Industrial Applications, Alkaline Technology, Solid Oxide Technology, Energy Transition, Sustainable Practices.

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IHT Industrie Haute Technologie
ACQUISITION by Sunfire Jan 2021