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Span.io is a startup that operates in the energy sector, offering innovative solutions for homeowners to manage and reduce their energy costs. The company's primary product is the SPAN Panel, a smart electrical panel that provides real-time energy management. This panel allows homeowners to monitor and control their energy usage circuit by circuit through the SPAN Home App.

The SPAN Panel is designed to integrate with both new and existing home energy systems, including storage systems and electric vehicle (EV) chargers. It enables homeowners to schedule EV charging during off-peak times to avoid higher utility rates, and it can extend battery life by prioritizing essential circuits during power outages.

Span.io's business model is centered around providing cost-saving solutions for homeowners. By identifying and reducing expensive energy issues, the company claims it can reduce energy bills by 15% and extend battery life by 40%. Additionally, the SPAN Panel allows homeowners to upgrade their homes with energy-efficient appliances without the need for expensive service upgrades.

The company also offers a program for electricians and installers to become SPAN Authorized Installers. This program provides advanced training, support, and lead pass programs, offering an additional revenue stream for these professionals.

Span.io operates in a market with a growing demand for energy-efficient solutions. Its primary clients are homeowners, particularly those in older homes that are unable to upgrade their utility service.

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