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H2Pro is a startup that operates in the green energy sector, specifically focusing on the production of green hydrogen. The company has developed a revolutionary method called E-TAC for producing green hydrogen by splitting water. This method is touted to be over 95% efficient, safe, and cost-competitive with fossil-fuel hydrogen. This efficiency level is significantly higher than traditional methods such as alkaline and PEM water electrolysis, which typically have an energy efficiency of around 70%.

The company's technology is designed to serve industries that require hydrogen for their operations. This includes sectors like manufacturing, transportation, and energy. The E-TAC water splitting technology offers a unique advantage in that it produces hydrogen and oxygen at different times, thereby eliminating the risk of explosive mixing.

H2Pro's business model is centered around its innovative, easy-to-scale, membrane-free technology. This technology not only reduces the capital expenditure (CAPEX) by half compared to traditional electrolyzers but also facilitates hydrogen production at higher pressures. The company's pilot system is designed for operation at 45 bar, with the potential for even higher pressures.

H2Pro makes money by selling its green hydrogen production technology to industries. By offering a more efficient and safer alternative to traditional methods, the company is well-positioned to capture a significant share of the growing green hydrogen market.

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